Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

Baby Shower Invitations Ideas – 5 Important Tips


Baby shower invitations ideas may not be that easy to have. There may be tons of ideas that can come across your mind and deciding becomes even harder. Sometimes, it’s good to have someone to talk to when it comes to deciding what the best baby shower invitations ideas are but this time, you can now decide on your own.

Here are some tips for making baby shower invitations ideas:

baby shower invitations ideas


Tip # 1: Make it personalized

Baby showers are meant for celebrating but you wouldn’t want a very common invitation, right? So think of something that you really want to see in your invitation. It may be bottles, toys, babies, etc. – list them all down and after which, try to incorporate everything in the design of your invitation. You could also use your own pictures to add a more personal touch to your invitations.

If you do not know how to layout, you can draw it first on a sheet of paper. After that, look for someone who can do the final layout for you. To make it more personalized, you can even choose the colors and fonts that you want until the final layout matches your ideal design.


Tip # 2: Be Creative!

Baby shower invitations ideas are everywhere. You just need to take time and notice the smallest things. Let your creative juices get in to work and make your guests really excited about the party. You could even have a theme and make every one wear costumes of some sort.

To help you get started, some baby shower invitations ideas could be in the shape of a baby bib, baby bottle, baby blocks that could be in letters or numbers, baby shoes, cute animals, etc. With these designs, you could change the color to fit the gender of the baby. It could be pink for a girl, blue for a boy or simply white if you are not yet sure and if you want to make things simpler.

Other baby shower invitations ideas may be placing your invitation inside real baby shoes or baby bottles. Your guests would be thrilled to see something as cute as those. It would even make them feel more excited about the baby shower itself.


Baby Shower Invitations Ideas


baby shower invitations ideas


baby shower invitation idea


baby shower invitation ideas


Tip # 3: Check and re-check the details

The least thing that you want to find on your invitations is messed up details, right? Make sure that you have the correct date, time, venue and names. It would be very embarrassing if you mistakenly printed a wrong name. Remember, once is not enough. Double or triple check every detail!

Also, keep in mind that baby showers are for the mothers, not the baby. While people may get excited with the baby, make it a point that the mother is in the spotlight as well.


Tip # 4: Know when to send it

Do not send invitations in a rush. Give your guests some time to check their schedules. While gifts may not be that necessary, you should give them the time to look for baby shower presents.

Setting a time on when they could confirm their attendance is highly encouraged as well. This way, you could know how many guests are coming to your baby shower. Include your contact details like your number or email address so that your guests may contact you if they would confirm their attendance or not.


Tip # 5: Enjoy!

Believe it or not, it would reflect on the invitation if you really liked what you were doing. A baby shower is meant to celebrate so it should be fun. Making the invitations for baby showers should be fun as well. This could be a form of bonding between the mother and the father and the whole family. Enjoy every minute while you are doing the invitations.

Do not stress yourself while making these. You would not like your guests to see stress all over the invitations and the party itself right? Look at the details but lighten up and have fun!

Baby shower invitations ideas are just around the corner. Take your time and look at the fun side of things. Remember, making invitations and having parties shouldn’t be that stressful. Just follow these tips and you are in for a good time. Enjoy!